About the show:

Verbal Highs is a long-form interview podcast with people who create & innovate in their chosen art form, vocation, back shed, main stage, peer group, or shower cubicle.

From a dining table in Auckland, New Zealand, Lewis Tennant explores the lives & thoughts of the likes of musicians, writers, film makers, actors, and comedians... as well as hosting those that make things happen side of stage, below the line, and under the radar.

Though most of the initial line-up of guests practice in the creative arts or media, the podcast is first-and-foremost about people and their candid conversations and observations.  In other words, hopefully there will be a decent chef on at some point, maybe followed by a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker...

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About the presenter:


Since leaving his first job delivering supermarket mailers to houses in Lyall Bay, Wellington, Lewis Tennant has worked as a radio broadcaster, music journalist, deejay, voice artist, venue and stage manager, advertising creative, audio engineer, and university lecturer.

Along the way he has picked up a ragtag bunch of loveable misfits who form the population base for this podcast.

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